Month: December 2016

Online Business ideas for the Closeted Entrepreneur

For those who have the entrepreneurial charge in them but cannot pursue it with all the might, due to certain constraints, the online platform offers a variety of executing ideas. The beauty of the online business idea is that it can be started with minimum to no seed capital at all. Moreover, with the ever expanding sphere of internet influence, a business idea that is internet-centric is bound to be more lucrative than the traditional business model. We take a swift look at some business ideas that are based completely online and with the right knowledge and expertise, you can start one of your own within the next 24 hours.

Social Media and SEO Consultant

If you are a social media junkie and understand the nuances of the internet in a finer way than the average layman then transform yourself into a social media manager/consultant or an SEO consultant. Small businesses do not understand the importance of intelligently crafted content and keyword strategies, and that is where a competent SEO advisor can play an important role. Helping enhance the social media standing of a certain brand is the job of the social media consultant. They advise individuals and companies about the best practices pertaining to their social media accounts that will help increase their online reach and credibility.



Resume and Cover letter Writer

This is the era of truncated resumes and cover letters that are precise and crisp. With majority of job applicants still relying on the traditional lengthy style of resume writing, professional tweaks in their application is essential and that is where a resume writer comes into the game. With a little expertise, correct grammar and a great hold of the language, a competent resume writer adds abundantly to a stale job application.


Content writing, Website Design and Development, Graphic Design, Mobile Application Development, Logo Design and Branding are just some options that a freelancer can indulge in to sell their skills online. With small businesses and start-ups constantly looking for freelance specialists to take care of their immediate company requirements, this field of business has seen a meteoric rise in the last couple of years.

eBook Author or Blogger

If you are life coach or a marketing maverick or just another Joe with a great idea in your mind without the channel for execution, post it on a blog and put it out there for the world to see. Better yet, self-publish and become an e-book author. Agreed that a blog or a published e-book will not generate revenue for you immediately but this medium promises maximum growth if you deliver great content.

Handmade Products and Crafts Seller

Have an artistic flair? Or a tangible talent you think could sell? Then put it online. With websites like Etsy that encourage you to sell your creations and popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram making themselves small business friendly, selling your art and handmade creations online in the comfort of your home has never been easier.

With options are varied and diversified as the above, anyone can start their online business with the least risk involved. Go ahead, quench your entrepreneurial thirst.