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Travelling in Business class style with Calpak luggage

As a businessman myself, I am often travelling around my country and occasionally travelling abroad. I take a lot of flights because of this, and I feel like I should be travelling in style when I go on these trips.

Travelling and flying for business purposes can be quite boring, it can also be quite stressful, especially if you have to get straight to work when you reach your destination.

Because of these reasons its nice to be travelling in comfort and in style. I find that it is better to take the flight with a decent airline, such as British Airways, so that you have more comfort, you really get looked after and you just feel like you have had a nice relaxing time during the journey. In this case, when you get to the other end, you are not so worn out and even if you have to work, you feel more energetic than you would do flying on a budget airline without many home comforts.

The luggage that I take when I travel is also very important to me. When you think about it, you spend most of the time during your travelling, carrying your luggage along with you. You often have to maneuver it about as well whether it be taking it on the escalator, taking it on a train and even simply lifting it up and placing it on the conveyor belt once its been checked in to the luggage hold.

For these reasons I find that it is really important to have decent quality luggage – and this includes both your hold luggage and your hand luggage. When I went on a recent business trip, I took my own advice and started looking for a nice new set of quality luggage to take with me. I searched around online looking for reviews and trying to find the best luggage brand and I came across this great article on a little known website called Quotidien Le Jour. This website had a detailed feature on a luggage company called Calpak. I must admit, I had never heard of this luggage company before and so I was intrigued. I read through the article and it sounded like they were a really decent manufacturer. I started doing some further research online and I found these guys made real quality luggage and really focused on the finer details.

In the end I decided to buy some Calpak luggage – a hold suitcase and also a carry on rucksack – when these items arrived I was truly blown away by the quality and not at all disappointed about my purchase. I have since become and absolute fan of this make and I now swear buy it – buying all my luggage from these guys.

Now when I travel on the plane with my Calpak holdall I feel even more comfortable, I feel like I am travelling in style and this helps me to really relax and enjoy the time in which I am travelling, that way its not all about work and the boring stuff, its also a bit of a relaxing vacation, at the end of which I feel totally rejuvenated.

10 Style Rules for an Entrepreneur

To be a successful entrepreneur, one of the primary things that you should consider is to feel confident about yourself. Whether you are already on the top of your career path or still on the road to getting there, you have to look and feel confident about the way you walk, talk, and most especially, how you present yourself. However, this does not mean that you should always dress glamorously to stand out. Remember that being fashionable does not mean the same thing as looking professional.

Look at some noticeable businessmen in today’s generation – Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc. These people style themselves simply, wearing almost the same outfit everyday. Yet, everyone notices them for how they are. Below are ten guidelines that you can consider when dressing up as the entrepreneur that you are.


  1. Cleanliness is a must to looking like a professional.

No matter where you are going, you must always remember to maintain good hygiene. Dressing up professionally is not sufficient if you don’t clean yourself up properly.


  1. Always Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Clean teeth can always add to an appealing smile. That is why looking after your teeth is always a must. You never know how much a smile can add to your charisma. It may just be the added effect that boosts your appeal in making smooth transactions with your clients.


  1. Practice a good skin care regimen.

This is not only for women, but for men as well. Being healthy also means looking the part. That is why it is important to practice good skin care. Having a skin care regimen is not as difficult as it looks like. It can be as simple as washing your face everyday with a good cleanser and exfoliating once a week. This is important if you want to have good skin. Let’s face it – acne-free skin boosts one’s confidence, right?


  1. Choose clothes that suit you.

Each place has a different sense of style as to what seems to look professional. It can range from buttoned-down shirts to perfectly fitted Italian suits. However, collared shirts and perfectly fitted pants are always considered a classic. Just always remember to iron your shirt and clean your shoes. Avoid wearing shirts with distracting prints and ill-fitted pants. Believe me, they never look well.


  1. Always shave.

Some men can maintain a clean, classy look whilst having a beard, but this is more suitable for entrepreneurs who are younger. It is always more classy to have a clean, shaven face.


  1. A watch is always the perfect accessory.

A watch is always a good accessory to get. It is also more convenient to have a watch rather than always having the need to check your phone whenever you need the time. In choosing a watch, pick one that has a slim frame. It is also classier to pick one that has leather straps. However if you’re into metal chains, you could go with one that is either gold or silver.


  1. It pays to workout.

When your job includes sitting in the office all day, then you might need to consider having a simple workout. Working out is essential especially if you’re already in your later 20s to early 30s. Not only is it needed in maintaining a good physique, working out also helps you think more clearly as it helps you eliminate the feeling of slacking off.


  1. Eating healthy is a means to looking healthy.

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Eating healthy shows in your skin. Always eat fruits and vegetables, and chicken and meat for your energy. You should also always drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.


  1. Don’t forget to smile.

Smiling can bring about a different aura in you. Not only will it make people around you feel happy, but it can also make you feel happy about yourself. You never know how much a smile can lift up the environment that you are in. Besides, it never costs anything to smile, right?


  1. Show the world that you are confident.

The secret to being a successful and well-groomed entrepreneur is to always be confident. Being confident can be seen in the way you walk, talk, and present yourself. It can be exemplified by simply never slouching when you walk, avoiding being shy whenever other people are around, and looking people in the eye when talking to them. Confidence can take you to places and get you through sticky situations whenever needed.

Here are just a few tips on how you can look professional that are not expensive, but always effective. These are just a few tips that can help you while you are on your journey to success.

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Online Business ideas for the Closeted Entrepreneur

For those who have the entrepreneurial charge in them but cannot pursue it with all the might, due to certain constraints, the online platform offers a variety of executing ideas. The beauty of the online business idea is that it can be started with minimum to no seed capital at all. Moreover, with the ever expanding sphere of internet influence, a business idea that is internet-centric is bound to be more lucrative than the traditional business model. We take a swift look at some business ideas that are based completely online and with the right knowledge and expertise, you can start one of your own within the next 24 hours.

Social Media and SEO Consultant

If you are a social media junkie and understand the nuances of the internet in a finer way than the average layman then transform yourself into a social media manager/consultant or an SEO consultant. Small businesses do not understand the importance of intelligently crafted content and keyword strategies, and that is where a competent SEO advisor can play an important role. Helping enhance the social media standing of a certain brand is the job of the social media consultant. They advise individuals and companies about the best practices pertaining to their social media accounts that will help increase their online reach and credibility.



Resume and Cover letter Writer

This is the era of truncated resumes and cover letters that are precise and crisp. With majority of job applicants still relying on the traditional lengthy style of resume writing, professional tweaks in their application is essential and that is where a resume writer comes into the game. With a little expertise, correct grammar and a great hold of the language, a competent resume writer adds abundantly to a stale job application.


Content writing, Website Design and Development, Graphic Design, Mobile Application Development, Logo Design and Branding are just some options that a freelancer can indulge in to sell their skills online. With small businesses and start-ups constantly looking for freelance specialists to take care of their immediate company requirements, this field of business has seen a meteoric rise in the last couple of years.

eBook Author or Blogger

If you are life coach or a marketing maverick or just another Joe with a great idea in your mind without the channel for execution, post it on a blog and put it out there for the world to see. Better yet, self-publish and become an e-book author. Agreed that a blog or a published e-book will not generate revenue for you immediately but this medium promises maximum growth if you deliver great content.

Handmade Products and Crafts Seller

Have an artistic flair? Or a tangible talent you think could sell? Then put it online. With websites like Etsy that encourage you to sell your creations and popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram making themselves small business friendly, selling your art and handmade creations online in the comfort of your home has never been easier.

With options are varied and diversified as the above, anyone can start their online business with the least risk involved. Go ahead, quench your entrepreneurial thirst.