Travelling in Business class style with Calpak luggage


Travelling in Business class style with Calpak luggage

As a businessman myself, I am often travelling around my country and occasionally travelling abroad. I take a lot of flights because of this, and I feel like I should be travelling in style when I go on these trips.

Travelling and flying for business purposes can be quite boring, it can also be quite stressful, especially if you have to get straight to work when you reach your destination.

Because of these reasons its nice to be travelling in comfort and in style. I find that it is better to take the flight with a decent airline, such as British Airways, so that you have more comfort, you really get looked after and you just feel like you have had a nice relaxing time during the journey. In this case, when you get to the other end, you are not so worn out and even if you have to work, you feel more energetic than you would do flying on a budget airline without many home comforts.

The luggage that I take when I travel is also very important to me. When you think about it, you spend most of the time during your travelling, carrying your luggage along with you. You often have to maneuver it about as well whether it be taking it on the escalator, taking it on a train and even simply lifting it up and placing it on the conveyor belt once its been checked in to the luggage hold.

For these reasons I find that it is really important to have decent quality luggage - and this includes both your hold luggage and your hand luggage. When I went on a recent business trip, I took my own advice and started looking for a nice new set of quality luggage to take with me. I searched around online looking for reviews and trying to find the best luggage brand and I came across this great article on a little known website called Quotidien Le Jour. This website had a detailed feature on a luggage company called Calpak. I must admit, I had never heard of this luggage company before and so I was intrigued. I read through the article and it sounded like they were a really decent manufacturer. I started doing some further research online and I found these guys made real quality luggage and really focused on the finer details.

In the end I decided to buy some Calpak luggage - a hold suitcase and also a carry on rucksack - when these items arrived I was truly blown away by the quality and not at all disappointed about my purchase. I have since become and absolute fan of this make and I now swear buy it - buying all my luggage from these guys.

Now when I travel on the plane with my Calpak holdall I feel even more comfortable, I feel like I am travelling in style and this helps me to really relax and enjoy the time in which I am travelling, that way its not all about work and the boring stuff, its also a bit of a relaxing vacation, at the end of which I feel totally rejuvenated.